KONG Gi-Gi Belay Device

For many years, I have run into the same issue with the Guide ATC when top belaying: difficulty to pull rope through and the dreaded elbow tendinitis pain. After experimenting with the KONG Gi-Gi, I am highly impressed. The simplicity in design and ease of pulling rope through, make it a great addition to your rack -- and it hardly weighs anything.

At 2.3 ounces, the Gi-Gi is the lightest autoblocking belay device on the market.


The Gi-Gi cannot belay a leader. (It is used for belaying from the top or bringing up two climbers in parallels.) There is also a tendency for the rope to flip climber-side/load-side when top-belaying on a single strand (Ways to mitigate this listed below). When used as a rappel device, steps must be taken to add friction, otherwise it is a bit of a struggle.


The Gi-Gi, while being the lightest model of it's kind, it is also the most cost effective, and has the least amount of additional friction added to pulling rope through while belaying. This makes the Gi-Gi an excellent choice for belaying from the top, especially with two climbers following or thicker diameter ropes. While using the Gi-Gi on an AMGA Rock Guide course, I did not experience the usual tendinitis feeling in my elbows from pulling slack through quickly. It was a great tool to be able to take in slack efficiently, especially with followers who were climbing very fast.

***It is important to note that if you are top belaying a single strand, you should clip the carabiner either into the other carabiner going to the anchor (as shown above) or clip it back around the load and brake strand (as shown to the right). This prevents the climber side/load side from flipping positions, therefore rendering the auto-blocking feature useless.

DURABILITY: 10/10 (Steph Davis has used hers for 10 years going strong!)


WEIGHT: 10/10 (super lightweight)

VERSATILITY: 2/10 (niche use)

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