Black Diamond Vapor Helmet

Let me start by saying that this helmet saved my life!!

The lightweight design is almost unnoticeable as you climb. There is lots of ventilation to keep your head cool in even the hottest of desert temps. The only downside I've ever considered with these ultralight helmets is the amount of protection they provide. I was never a firm believer until just recently, when I put my BD Vapor to the test. Not on purpose, I took a 50 foot fall and smashed my head into a broken jumble of sandstone blocks. The impact was enough to knock me unconscious, but it did not crack the helmet. The outer shell of the vapor was definitely dented, but for obvious reasons and had absorbed the impact without compromising the structure of the helmet. I regained awareness within a minute after my fall and was able to walk away from it, relatively unharmed. I could not recommend this helmet enough! I definitely swear by it's ability to protect your head when you take an accidental massive whipper and I like the way it feels on my head. It fits well with hats and can be easily adjusted. But don't just take my word for it. Try one on and see for yourself. Maybe try to avoid the massive whipper though... :)

Comfort: 9/10

Ease of Adjusting: 9/10

Weight Profile: 10/10

Ventilation: 10/10

Headlamp attachment: 8/10

Durability: 6/10 (You've got to take good care of this one.)

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