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Wide Awake & Wandering


So entangled in our experience. The vistas that inspire wonder of a time before our existence. The abilities we have been granted to explore and discover the immensity of our own state, country, and world.

The dimming of the night sky, adjusting our apertures to ignite curious contemplations casted amongst the stars. The eyes, transparent windows letting light pass freely from our minds to the world outside our consciousness. Our spirits are forever being molded by the power of perception.

Those who pause and look deeply enough, will likely get lost in the journey of it all. Because life IS a journey after all, and not just for those forms that are free speaking. Our existence is not our own doing, but one of a force much greater than our ability to quantify.

Sights of simplicity continue to save my soul's sanity and satisfy century old instincts.

And when those eyes widen for the first time with perfect clarity, they will get swallowed in a sea of overwhelming conviction. Fore they will know they are not alone.

Indeed, we are all the universe reflecting back on itself.


Tuning in;

To the light rustles of leaves; the shifting sounds of synthetic sleeping bags; the rush of the river; the howl of the wind weaving its way through the woodwork; the flutter of tiny wings as the birds peruse my immediate surroundings for parcels of food; the steady scuffing of boots in snow; the creaking of a gravity-driven glacier in the early morning light.

There is so much more to be heard in silent solitude than in the hustle and bustle of civilized chatter. Vibrations of vocal chords bring us the joy of community through words. But have we the awareness to realize that the moments void of labels bring us the most clarity of being? The observable world around us cannot be summed up in a sequence of words or labels. The limits of language cannot capture the magic of a moment; the awe inspired in times of humbling majesty; the heavy rhythm of a beating heart longing in love; or the lucidity of pure presence. Those feelings are sacred to experience and cannot be conveyed in conversation.

Let your surroundings swallow you in a sanctuary of sound, and let your mouth and mind go silent. Let your experience be that of where you are, and not of where your mind tempts you to travel.


Fresh pines and evergreens; smoky campfires; and a warm meal fill my spirit with content. This is not a sense I search for, but when the world decides to push its pungent odors into my awareness I am grateful for the reminder to breathe deeply.

The breath, however, is ever present in my consciousness. The way that we link the expansion and contraction of our lungs with our movements to achieve a meditative state of bliss. Our breath brings us back to our physical form and focus. When we forget to breathe, we are losing touch with our awareness of self. We get lost in the moment so much that we forget our role in it. We are the observers of the universe, but what kind of witnesses would we be if we forgot to witness our own existence.

Find your breath and follow its steady rhythm to the outskirts of your imagination; let it take you beyond the limits of your perceived abilities.


We all feel things, but do we really allow ourselves to feel them? To let our sensations penetrate into our awareness of being and give ourselves fully to our experience? When we let go of our ego, our projections, our anxieties, we can allow ourselves to truly feel what it means to be alive. To ride the highs and lows, while never turning our heads from the hard times - but instead learning and growing from them, and diving fully into the things that we feel passionately about. Whatever passion means to you, I encourage you to chase it. To seek out that thing that lights a fire in your soul and never let it die. Give everything to find it and keep it because ultimately passion gives purpose and purpose gives meaning.

Meaning? The idea is up to interpretation. To me, 'meaning' is discovering beauty; finding energy and tracing its spirals around and around until you begin to make sense of your place in this world; by understanding your own experience to the point that you are able to release your grasp on selfish thoughts and appreciate all the things outside of yourself.

Giving in to the feelings we produce is one huge step in awaking ourselves to the things that exist outside of our minds. Once we are able to silence the incessant chatter of our inner state, we can release our awareness to the what lies outside of ourselves.

The thin mountain air, a gusty breeze, the warmth of the sun, the thorn of a rose, the comfort of a strong embrace, the tightness in your core when you can't stop laughing, the chill of a fall morning, those sweaty summer nights, the tickle of a mouse running past your foot, the sharp ping of a mosquito biting your arm, the rush of euphoria when skin touches skin, and the serenity and peace of holding someone's hand when the world outside is spiraling in entropic chaos. To know we are not alone. To know that the world is always welcoming us home and encouraging those chance encounters with wanderers who cross our path and find solace in our presence. But yet, even with all this cosmic compassion, loneliness still beckons at the door...

Loneliness? It is inevitable until we realize that we all fight the same fight, we are all lost souls searching the stars in hopes of finding some sort of stability. We will never know the answers to all life's questions. But that's the beauty of it. No human ever will. It's beyond our breadth of understanding. We may try, and our findings may humble us, confuse us, enlighten us; bring us bliss or blundering cynicism. There is no telling where the rabbit holes will lead us. But if we never look, we will never live. If we hide behind tradition, conformity, and routine, we will never awake to the unique beauty that each day brings.

This world is dynamic, as we are; ever changing and shifting. Open your eyes and feel the universe. You are one in the same.

"To live is the rarest thing in the world.

Most people exist, that is all." - Oscar Wilde

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About Me.

Lover of mountains, rocks, deserts, trees, ice waterfalls, glaciers, steep snow chutes, facing my fears, long days on foot, and feeling small.

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