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Wide Awake & Wandering


So entangled in our experience. The vistas that inspire wonder of a time before our existence. The abilities we have been granted to explore and discover the immensity of our own state, country, and world.

The dimming of the night sky, adjusting our apertures to ignite curious contemplations casted amongst the stars. The eyes, transparent windows letting light pass freely from our minds to the world outside our consciousness. Our spirits are forever being molded by the power of perception.

Those who pause and look deeply enough, will likely get lost in the journey of it all. Because life IS a journey after all, and not just for those forms that are free speaking. Our existence is not our own doing, but one of a force much greater than our ability to quantify.

Sights of simplicity continue to save my soul's sanity and satisfy century old instincts.

And when those eyes widen for the first time with perfect clarity, they will get swallowed in a sea of overwhelming conviction. Fore they will know they are not alone.

Indeed, we are all the universe reflecting back on itself.


Tuning in;

To the light rustles of leaves; the shifting sounds of synthetic sleeping bags; the rush of the river; the howl of the wind weaving its way through the woodwork; the flutter of tiny wings as the birds p