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Chasing Mountains | Torment-Forbidden Traverse, WA

"Today is a great day to be alive!" ...My mentality as I woke up to the sun breaking through a haze of smoke from the far off forest fires of British Colombia on a bivy ledge at 7841ft.

The night before, my climbing partner, George, and I made the trek into Boston Basin and soloed most of the way up Mount Torment, arriving at the bivy ledge just as darkness fell; Impeccable timing. We made ourselves at home on the sandy ledge with a hearty meal of instant potatoes, veggies, and organic chicken sausage before attempting sleep. The sound of mousey footsteps kept my mind alert as he dashed around our heads and feet, investigating his new visitors. I try and force my thoughts to cease. This is his home. We are only passing through.

Darkness hung around until 6 am with the thick smoke diffusing any signs of earlier light. I rubbed my sleepy eyes awake and sat up in my sleeping bag. As I peered over the edge, the view of a glacier scarred by crevasses thousands of feet below and faded ridge lines off into the distance reminded me of exactly where I was.