Julie Ann Holder


  • AMGA Apprentice Rock, Ski, and Alpine Guide

  • Wilderness EMT & Wilderness Medicine Educator

  • Avalanche PRO 2 Certified

  • AIARE Avalanche Course Leader

  • Leave No Trace Master Educator


  • Aerialist, dancer, ultra-runner, and movement enthusiast

  • Singer, writer, dreamer, fiddle player, & musical being

  • Plant mom; dog mom; chocolateer

  • Forest fairy —human


"I'd rather be whole than good."
- Carl Jung

Born and raised in the Southeast, mountains only danced in my dreams for most of my life. In 2011, I stumbled upon a deep love for rock climbing that illuminated an entire way of living I had never considered before.

In the years that followed, I dove deep into mountain climbing in all its forms and quickly progressed within the professional track of guiding; working my way into many incredible opportunities for external exploration and also internal growth. In this time, I learned to speak the language of glaciers and alpine cliffbands, of winter snowpacks and ski traverses. For nearly a decade, I found my home in the unknown, the quiet, the remote, the spontaneous --in the dawn of cold snowy mornings.


For nearly ten years, I have worked as a mountain guide (specializing in glacier mountaineering and alpine traditional rock climbing), professional ski patroller, wilderness medicine instructor, avalanche educator, ski guide, and ultra-running guide.

As a by-product of all these experiences, I have grown in my relationships with these places, with myself, and have continued to hone my intuition as a guide and teacher. Always seeking to find balance along the edges of comfort, of knowing, of our perceived limitations.

These days, I call Bellingham, Washington home. I live with my partner, Toby, and our dog, Arrow. I am learning how to share the lessons I have learned in the mountains, and am being patient in listening for what these times are asking of me.

The glaciers have been my greatest teachers, along with fear, joy, grief, and witnessed change.

My passion is for the people, with the land, and of experience.


I am a guide, and my way of offering myself is changing.

I am following a thread that is woven of the world.

I am grounding my truth with each step.

In the winter, I work two full-time jobs. One is course leading avalanche courses  and ski guiding with Baker Mountain Guides, the other is running my own small holistic guiding business called, Grounding Truth. I offer Avalanche Mentorship in addition to women's specific courses, ski mountaineering adventures, and custom trips.

In the summer, I work part time as an ultra-running guide for Aspire adventure running, teach a handful of Wilderness Medicine Courses, and offer immersive wilderness backpacking programs through Grounding Truth.

Wild Blessings,

Julie Ann

About me.

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